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Uhaul point-of-sale software is designed to make Uhaul truck rental and Uhaul trailer rental operations more efficient. Uhaul point-of-sale systems can be used to manage inventory, track customers’ orders, handle pricing, take payments; the list goes on! Uhaul point of sales is great for companies that need to quickly process a lot of transactions in a short amount of time. If you want to learn about all the benefits and features Uhaul’s point-of-sale has to offer, go ahead and read this article!

Why Uhaul?

Uhaul is one of the most popular moving companies in America. Their fleet consists primarily of medium-duty trucks, but they also have trailers and semi-trucks for larger moves.

Uhaul offers three major services:

  • All-inclusive move.
  • Packing/unpacking only
  • Truck rental only.

If you are not sure what type of service you need, just call them up! Their representatives are very helpful.

1. Affordable

They have the best rates in the industry when it comes to truck rental only. Their rates include unlimited mileage and 24-hour customer service.

2. Latest Trucks & Moving Equipments

Uhaul trucks are very well maintained, equipped with GPS safety tracking systems and backup cameras to keep you safe while moving! They also offer free dollies, ramps, and furniture blankets at the time of rental for your convenience during move day. The best part is that they rent trucks on an hourly basis. This means you can return it as soon as your move is done.

3. Offer Various Moving Supplies

Uhaul also has a variety of moving supplies which include boxes, tape, and bubble wrap to make packing easier for you! Uhaul also offers discounts on everyday movers if you are looking for good deals during major holidays like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. It is always recommended that you call up and check for discounts or coupons before doing the move if you are looking to save some extra bucks.

4. Best Storage Units Facility

Uhaul also offers free storage units with its truck rental services which is a big plus since most moving companies charge an extra fee for such units! The biggest benefit of hiring Uhaul is that there will always be someone to answer your questions. They have a big customer care service center so you can call or chat with them at any time of the day.

6. Quick Social Media Service

Uhaul also has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube where they post regular updates on promotions and discounts offered by Uhaul which is another good reason to follow them on their social media accounts! So if you are looking to save some extra cash, then follow Uhaul on social media and stay updated with their latest offers!

7. Splendid Customer Service

It is very easy to get a free quote from them online or by calling up their customer care service. They usually answer the phone right away and don’t keep you waiting as most big companies do. If you are looking for a safe and economical move experience, then hire Uhaul! Follow them on social media or contact them directly by phone to stay updated with their latest promotions!

Notable Features
  • U-Haul is a great company and they offer many different types of rental services
  • You can rent or buy trailers, trucks, and vans from U-Haul
  • The prices for rentals are really affordable
  • When you rent a trailer from U-Haul you get all the tools that you need to load it up yourself
  • If you want to purchase a trailer or truck from them then their prices are much higher than renting one
  • They have multiple locations in every state so there’s always one close by if your local location is closed

Uhaul Point of Sale

What is the U-Haul Point of Sale System (POS)?

The POS system enables you to process rentals without having to return back to a store location for processing and deposits like other systems require you do today. It’s a “Mobile Point of Sale System” so, in order to use it, you need to have a smartphone or tablet device and the U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale app installed on your device. The POS system is available on Google Play for Android devices and Apple iTunes Store for iOS devices.

In fact, you will be able to process truck rental transactions at over 1,800 U-Haul locations nationwide using a smartphone or tablet running on either Android or iOS. The app will also keep your information safe and secure as it uses the same industry-standard encryption that banks use for online banking.

Benefits of using Uhaul Point of Sale (POS) System

It’s an affordable way to manage your inventory and operations—and keep your customers happy. The Uhaul POS system is a cloud-based solution that offers many advantages over other data collection solutions. Moreover, no installation or maintenance is required: Since the Uhaul POS runs through a web browser or mobile devices, you don’t need to install any software, ensuring quick and easy setup. You can manage your Uhaul inventory system from anywhere at any time.

Following are the Key Benefits of using the Uhaul Point of Sale (POS) system:

1. No hardware purchase is required

The Uhaul POS is a complete equipment rental business solution that lets you track equipment in real-time. Uhaul provides all the hardware you need to get started—including tablets, barcode scanners, printers, and accessories—so you don’t have to purchase equipment upfront.

2. Customizable inventory management

The Uhaul POS lets you streamline your business processes by creating custom reports that are tailored to specific needs. You can create reports for any number of users based on their unique roles, or share access with your employees, making it easy for anyone to access and use.

3. Mobile functionality

You can use the app on your tablet or mobile device for convenient access to the Uhaul POS system from anywhere at any time, helping you stay connected and productive. This is especially helpful when it comes time to return equipment—you can make sure equipment is processed properly and returned on time as soon as it’s back in your possession.

4. Integration Facility

The Uhaul POS system is integrated with all the leading eCommerce and accounting solutions, so you can easily connect your inventory database to existing platforms. You can create customized integrations that meet specific organizational needs for any number of users, helping you quickly and effortlessly collect data from various sources—all in one place.

5. Versatility Option

You can use the Uhaul POS system to manage equipment, inventory, employees, and customers—and track everything in real-time. Even your technicians will love using this easy-to-use mobile solution that’s available anywhere at any time. It provides all the features you need to improve customer service and increase the profitability of your business.

6. Flexibility of Use

When you buy the Uhaul POS system, you get all the features you need now and in the future. It’s scalable so it can grow with your business—no matter how much or little equipment your company owns. If additional modules are required, you’ll have access to them at an affordable price, making it easier than ever to ensure you’re always prepared for any opportunity or challenge that might arise.

7. Affordable

The Uhaul POS system is an affordable investment that can help your business improve efficiency and increase profitability. You’ll get the best equipment rental software at a price you can afford—without sacrificing features or functionality. And since it doesn’t require any additional hardware, there’s no need to make big capital investments upfront.

8. Accessible Almost Everywhere

Since the Uhaul POS runs through a browser or mobile device, you can access and manage your inventory from anywhere at any time—all your data is safely stored in one place. No matter where you are—at home, on vacation, or even traveling for work—you can make sure your business is always running smoothly.

9. Secure System

The Uhaul POS system is a secure cloud-based solution that helps protect the safety and confidentiality of all customer and company data. You won’t have to worry about losing any valuable information with this reliable and efficient cloud-based inventory management system.

10. Convenient to Use

No more long hours at the office or stacks of paperwork to sort through. The Uhaul POS system offers a convenient, all-inclusive platform for managing your equipment rental business—and it can save you time and money in the process. For the best equipment rental software on the market, look no further than the Uhaul POS.


How to download and install Uhaul’s Smartphone App

This is a step-by-step guide to how to download and use the Uhaul app for your smartphone (maybe Andriod or iPhone):

  1. Open Google Play Store/App Store on iOS.
  2. Search for “Uhaul.”
  3. Click on “UhaulRentACar”
  4. Click the green button that says, “Install”
  5. Then press “Accept,” and it will take you to the “All Apps” page in Google Play Store
  6. Click on UhaulRentACar to open it. And you’re done!

The app should now be installed on your device. Start the app and use it for finding a rental truck or trailer near you! However, if this doesn’t work for you then try one of the below-mentioned methods to install it on your iPhone or Android:

Installing Uhaul App on Android

There are issues with the Uhaul app on specific devices and the users experience problems. Many customers contacted Uhaul support through their web page. It is worth mentioning some of the common problems with users here. Few examples are:

  • Unable to download Uhaul application on Android phones like Samsung S8, Galaxy J7, etc due to insufficient memory (less than 1GB). Because these phones have less storage, you cannot download them from Google Play Store.
  • Unable to install Uhaul application on Android phones like Moto E4 etc due to low RAM (less than 2GB)
  • The installation process stops in the middle of the way and shows the “Installation Stopped” message

Uhaul app is a heavy application and requires at least 1GB of memory to download it from Google Play Store, forget about the installation process. However, some users were able to download the Uhaul app for Android on their phones with low storage but insufficient RAM.

How to install Uhaul App on Andriod Phones with low Memory (RAM)?

So, what is the trick? How did they do that?

You have two options:

1. Download the Uhaul App on Andriod Manually using APK

You can manually download the Uhaul application APK file, try the first one (Uhaul_App_for_Android_v2.1.4.apk) if other files do not work for you, then install it using any File Explorer app on your phone after renaming it to “Uhaulapp.apk” without quotes.

Note that you need to enable the Unknown Sources option on your Android phone before trying to install the Uhaul APK file, otherwise you will get the following error: “Installation has been stopped. Please try again”.

To enable this option Go to Settings > Security (Lock Screen and Password) > Unknown sources” checkbox.

2. Download the Uhaul App on your PC & transfer it to your phone

You can download the Uhaul application on your PC then transfer it to your phone using a USB cable. After transferring the file, you can install it using any File Explorer app on your phone after renaming it to “Uhaulapp.apk” without quotes.

Please note that this process may take a long time due to the large size of the application, especially if you are on a slow Internet connection.

If your Uhaul app installation on an Android phone stops in the middle of the way, no matter how many times you try, there is a high chance that this may be due to low RAM on your phone. Devices with low RAM often get an “Installation stopped” message when trying to install heavy apps like Uhaul, it’s just one of the side effects of having less memory.

You can try clearing the cache and data of Play Store then download/install Uhaul again, but it will most likely stop again later on due to lack of enough storage space. The bottom line is that these phones have neither sufficient storage nor sufficient RAM so they are not able to run the Uhaul application properly or install it.

Please note that if you own one of those devices listed above, you can still download the Uhaul application APK file and install it manually instead of trying to run the installation process on your phone.

Note: Also, do not try to ask the Uhaul company support how to install the Uhaul app on your specific Android device because most probably they will not reply to such queries. For queries related to your specific phone model, please refer to Google Play Store or Phone manufacturers for assistance with installing apps on your Android device.

Installing Uhaul App on iOS (iPhone)

There are several ways of downloading and installing the Uhaul app on iPhones (iOS). These instructions will show users how to download and install the latest version of this application for their iPhones. There are again two methods:

a. Using iTunes software (versions 10 & 11)

1. Open up your web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) and go to the Uhaul site and open the locations page.

2. Scroll down until you find the search bar, search for your city or zip code, then press ‘GO’.

3. Once on the results page, you will see a list of Uhaul locations. Click on one that is closest to your area. The best way to determine what location is closest is by comparing driving distance in miles; recall that iPhones use metric systems for directions and distances rather than imperial units (miles).

4. You can also click on ‘Plan a Move’ and enter your starting point and destination if you are unsure of Uhaul locations. Once you have selected a location, scroll down to see contact information and store hours.

5. Next, find the ‘Contact Us’ link near the top-center of the page; click on it and select either “(U.S.) Call for Help” or “Find a Dealer”. If neither option appears, then Uhaul doesn’t currently offer phone support in your area – but that might change in the future.

6. Finally, once you arrive at Uhaul’s Customer Support webpage, press the ‘Call Me’ button at the bottom-right corner. This will connect you to one of their customer service representatives.

b. Using Direct Video Chat App

The second option will open Uhaul’s mobile website and opening the customer support page which has an embedded web browser video chat app (similar to Skype).

This will allow you to use your webcam and speakers (or headphone headset with microphone) to speak directly to a Uhaul representative; however, it is not available on all devices.

If this device does not support the Customer Support webpage you are viewing, then either Google ‘Uhaul video chat’ or press ‘Contact Us’, scroll down past phone listings, and select “Chat”.

Pos.Uhaul.Net Login – Know Everything

Pos.Uhaul.Net Login is a great and easy-to-use website. It has all of the information you need on it and it’s super helpful if you need to rent a U-Haul truck. But what if you don’t have access to the Internet? No problem! And not only that, but it’s even better than the website.

Pos.Uhaul.Net is an app that you can use on your phone to do just about everything the website does. You can use it to rent a U-Haul, schedule your rental time and date, and purchase additional services like adding Driver Assist, Advanced Fuel Surcharge Protection, or even a trailer hitch. You can also use it to view your rental agreement and reservation details.

Moreover, Pos.Uhaul.Net Login is available for both iPhones and Android phones. It is really helpful and it’s a must-have for anyone who loves to go hiking, camping, or even just traveling.

Uhaul Mobile Point of Sale (POS) System

Uhaul offers a free supply checklist to help you pack and know what supplies will be needed. The website is mobile-friendly too, making it easy to look around for storage or truck rentals from my phone! They also have an app that allows me to store all of my information in one place.

  1. The POS system offers all the features you need in one convenient package
  2. It’s an easy way for customers to manage their inventory levels remotely from anywhere, anytime
  3. It also lets them create custom reports that provide valuable insights into their business operations

Signing Up With Mobile Point of Sale System

  • Open the Stores & Rental Locations app on your mobile device or visit the Uhaul site’s mpos page.
  • Tap Start New Account
  • Fill out required fields
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Receive Confirmation Number
  • Enter Customer Code
  • Login using the customer number
  • New Customers – Provide requested information
  • Existing Customers – Skip steps
  • Enter payment information
  • Receive confirmation screen with UHaul Rental Agreement #
  • The customer receives email, text, or both with rental agreement # and phone number for the store where they will pick up their rental. The rental agreement can also be viewed on your mobile device by clicking on the confirmation email in the My Account section of this app
  • Provide all required information to shop manager before pickup
  • Enjoy your truck!

Web AMT or Web-based Uhaul POS

Uhaul’s web-based Point of Sale (POS) system or Web AMT is a cloud-based solution that provides a comprehensive set of features to manage inventory and operations. This section will cover the features and benefits of the web-based Uhaul POS system.


Accessible from Any Web Browser

The web-based Uhaul POS system allows users to access the POS system from any web browser, making it highly convenient for businesses to manage their inventory from any location.

Customizable Reports and Inventory Management

The web-based Uhaul POS system or web amt provides customizable reports and inventory management tools that help businesses streamline their processes and track their equipment in real time.

Integration with Other eCommerce and Accounting Solutions

The web-based Uhaul POS system or amt.uhaul.net integrates with other eCommerce and accounting solutions, making it easy for businesses to connect their inventory database to existing platforms.

Secure and Reliable

The web-based Uhaul POS system is highly secure, with industry-standard encryption and security measures in place to protect your data and ensure the safety of your business operations.


Increased Flexibility and Convenience

Web amt Uhaul provides businesses with increased flexibility and convenience, as it allows users to access the POS system from any web browser, anytime and anywhere.

Improved Efficiency

The web-based Uhaul POS system streamlines business processes and provides businesses with tools to manage inventory, employees, and customers in real-time, resulting in improved efficiency.


The web-based Uhaul POS system is scalable, meaning it can grow with your business, allowing businesses to add additional modules when required at an affordable price.


The web-based Uhaul POS system is an affordable investment for businesses of all sizes, providing a powerful set of features at an affordable price.

Mobile Point of Sale System FAQs

How do I get started using U-Haul’s MOBILE POS to rent a truck if I am not an existing customer of U-Haul Company?

Existing U-Haul customers can log in using their existing U-Haul account to rent trucks. To begin renting for the first time, follow these steps:

  • Create a free U-Haul account by tapping “CREATE ACCOUNT”
  • Set up your payment (debit) card information in “My Account”
  • Add the rental location to your GPS in U-Haul’s MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM by tapping “Location” then choosing the desired rental location
  • Search for available trucks and trailers using filters such as make, model, size, etc.
  • Once you’ve found the truck or trailer you want, tap on it to see its location and available dates.
  • Once you’re ready to reserve the truck, select “Reserve.” You should receive a confirmation text message with your reservation information, including the rental date and time.

How can I tell if my device is ready to connect with U-Haul’s Mobile POS network?

You can tell that you are ready to connect with U-Haul’s Network by ensuring that the mobile point of sale app is installed on your device, and making sure that you have cellular service available. As long as the app is installed and you know your customer number, then you will be able to rent a truck using “U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale System” technology. It’s just like using any other POS system – except this one works from anywhere, at any time! You can download the U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale app from either Google Play for Android devices or Apple iTunes Store for iOS devices.

What are the requirements for connecting with U-Hauls?

In order to be compatible with our system, you can use one of the following devices:

Uhaul Cancellation Policy: How to Cancel U-Haul Reservation

  • Android 4.0 or higher
  • iOS Devices with at least IOS 6.1 installed

These include IPads and iPhones that have cellular service available. If you are using an iPad device without cellular service, then it will need to be connected to a wireless network in order for you to rent a truck.

What is the National Customer Support Center (NCSC)?

The NCSC is the backbone of U-Haul’s ability to provide support and assistance with Mobile Point of Sale Systems (MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM) transactions at over 1,800 locations nationwide. The NCSC also provides support for all equipment sales occurring at U-Haul Company-owned stores nationwide. This includes the MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM devices used by customers renting trucks from participating dealerships.

Can you provide examples of mobile point of sale terminals/devices that are compatible with the Uhaul Mobile POS System?

The following is a list of the devices that are compatible with the U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale System. We also offer custom websites for businesses who prefer to process orders using their own website:

  • Apple iPad – Any iOS Device with at least IOS 6.1 installed (iPad, iPhone)
  • Rental Devices – NCR 7462 model can be used when needed by installers (Must have cellular service available)

This device will work anywhere in the world. You can even use it when you travel internationally!

What are some tips about the mobile point of sale system app?

Downloading apps on your phone or tablet device requires an account with either iTunes Store for Apple users or Google Play for Android users. If you are not already logged into one of these accounts, then you will need to do so before downloading the app.

Once downloaded, you can use your customer number and password to log in. If you don’t know your customer number – no problem! Just click on the “Forgot Customer Number” link and we’ll help you track that down!

Do I have to be at a U-Haul location in order for this system to work?

No. With Mobile Point of Sale Systems, there is no “in-store” requirement anymore. You can rent trucks from anywhere – even if it’s around town or even around the world!

Can I use this system if I don’t have a smartphone or tablet device to use the app?

Yes! You can still rent a truck from anywhere by going online and scheduling your rental. Then you’ll pick up your truck at the location where it’s most convenient for you – just as you would normally do today. In order to meet our customer’s “on-the-go” needs, we provide that option too!

Will this technology help me get my rentals faster?

Absolutely! With Mobile Point of Sale Systems, there is no need for customers to wait in long lines to take care of their rentals or transactions. This will not only help us serve you better, but it will also keep your time more efficient too!

Will this technology help me with my business expenses?

It most certainly will! Mobile Point of Sale Systems come with many different options to choose from. You can choose to pay per transaction or by the month – whichever works best for your individual business needs.

Are there any additional fees associated with using the MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM?

There are no additional charges beyond the regular rental rates that you would expect when renting a truck or trailer with U-Haul. Note that some maintenance and other charges may apply.

What if I don’t have an active cellular data plan on my device?

No problem! Just like today, you can still use the Mobile Point of Sale Systems by connecting to any free or paid wireless network that’s available at your current location. Mobile Point of Sale Systems is designed to work anywhere in the world – allowing customers like you to rent trucks from anywhere!

Can I sign up online and then come into a store later to pick up my truck?

Of course! You can schedule your rental through the Uhaul website, but pick up the required paperwork and keys at your local U-Haul dealer along with the truck you’ve scheduled. Mobile Point of Sale Systems is not currently available to customers who wish to pick up their rental on the day that they booked it. Customers must schedule one day in advance for all rentals.

Will I have to install any additional software or apps on my smartphone or tablet in order to use the U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale system?

No, you won’t have to install any additional software or apps in order to use the Uhaul Mobile Point of Sale System. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

When I rent a truck, will my personal information be shared with the store where I plan to pick up my rental? Is there anything else I should know about privacy?

As part of the registration process for Mobile Point of Sale Systems, customers share their personal information with Uhaul so that the company can pre-fill certain required fields when they log in. This helps customers save time while using this service. Uhaul do not share your personal information with anyone else.

How long will this Uhaul Mobile POS technology be available?

This is a pilot program that may or may not become permanent. Uhaul is always exploring new technologies and ideas to make your overall experience better! If you have additional questions about Mobile Point of Sale Systems please visit the FAQ page on the Uhaul site.

What are some of the functions that can be performed using U-Haul’s MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM?

Customers can use Mobile Point of Sale Systems to do the following tasks, which are otherwise done in your local store.

  • Rent a truck or trailer – Make a payment for an existing account – Add/delete authorized drivers on an existing account
  • Apply for new accounts, including minors’ accounts
  • View/print receipts and invoices related to rental transactions

What happens if my device goes offline? Will I be able to get back into my account when I return online later?

If you’re not connected to U-Haul’s network and the company detects that you’re offline, they understand that it might be because your phone or tablet has no network coverage. In that case, they’ll save your account information for when you return online.

When I’m offline in the MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM, how will it remember the trucks and trailers I reserved?

When you’re offline in Mobile Point of Sale Systems, U-Haul stores the list of reservations you’ve made so that when you next connect to our system, they can be sent to your device automatically.

Where can I download the U-Haul Mobile Point of Sale app?

As a new U-Haul customer, you can download the Mobile Point of Sale app from the iOS or Android app store on your phone. For questions related to general account inquiries, rather than the usage of this application, please call 1-800-GO-UHAUL (1-800-468-4285).

What is considered to be the current version of the mobile point of sale system?

The current version of the Mobile Point of Sale System is 1.11.

How do I log into my truck rental account using U-Haul’s Mobile POS if I don’t have the app installed on my smartphone or tablet?

You can still access your account using the Mobile Point of Sale System on any device through the Uhaul website and by visiting the promos page.

Can I use my fingerprint to log in to the MOBILE POS?

Yes, you may use your fingerprint for additional security! Just make sure that “Touch ID” is enabled on your device before logging in.

I’m not receiving push notifications from U-Haul’s MOBILE POS when my reservation is updated or when there are payment receipts generated. How do I fix this?

Ensure your push notification settings are configured properly by following these:

  • Navigate to “Settings” on your smartphone
  • Tap “Notifications”
  • Make sure that you have enabled the notifications for U-Haul’s MOBILE POS. If you are unsure, please contact your device’s manufacturer for more details.

I’d like to log out of U-Haul’s MOBILE POS completely so that no one else can use my account. How do I do this?

You can log out at any time by tapping the “Logout” button on the top right corner of your screen.

I’m unable to log in using my U-Haul.com account credentials that I created a long time ago. What should I do?

For security purposes, Uhaul recommends creating a new U-Haul account with a unique email address which you should use for all future transactions with them. To create a new account, tap “CREATE ACCOUNT”

How can I contact U-Haul Customer Care to answer my questions about the MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM if I am not an existing customer of U-Haul Company?

U-Haul Customer Care is available via phone at 1 (800) GO-UHAUL (1 (800) 468-4285), live chat with a representative on their website, and also in person at any of our 2,600+ locations across North America.

If I go on vacation, will I still be able to perform transactions at a Uhaul location?

No. You will not be able to perform transactions at U-Haul locations if you go on vacation.

If I load a truck and then another customer returns it after me, will my customers be charged the incorrect amount?

No. The system will prevent incorrect charges by calculating the total distance driven and time of usage, then automatically calculate what your customer owes based on that information.

I’m not able to log in. What’s wrong?

First, please make sure you’re using the correct credentials (User ID and Password) when trying to log in. If you’ve forgotten your credentials, tap “Forgot Password.”

If you’re still having trouble logging in, please contact U-Haul Customer Care at 1 (800) 468-4285. Please be sure to have your reservation number and/or rental agreement available for the representative.

How do I log into my existing account if I don’t have the app installed on my smartphone or tablet?

If you do not have access to your customer number, but know your customer ID or email address associated with your account, go to the Uhaul site’s mobile point of sale page while using a web browser like Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome, or Safari on your computer. Once there, log into your account using the email address and password associated with your U-Haul customer profile. As long as you are on a device that is compatible with our app (Android or iOS), continue to access “MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM” while using the same browser session.

What should I do if my internet connection fails?

Customers can check their connection by looking at if they still have cellular service available on their device, either 3G or 4G while performing transactions through MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM technology. If no cellular service is present, then the connection has failed and transactions will need to be completed once again when the internet connection is restored.

If my device is not compatible with MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM technology, how can I rent a truck?

In case you do not have a smartphone or tablet device that is compatible, please visit the Uhaul site’s rent-a-contact page to locate the U-Haul location nearest you where your transaction will be completed using the traditional method of completing paperwork and paying at the counter.

What should I do if my phone or tablet dies while renting a truck from a dealer?

In case of an emergency when devices are powered off, customers can still complete their U-Haul rentals by providing the rental agent their customer number/ID and credit card information for pre-authorization at the time of pick up. Customers will also need to provide their email address associated with their account so that the rental agent can complete their transaction once the device is powered on again

How do I know if I successfully rented a truck using MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM technology?

After completing your transaction, you will receive an email confirmation with details of your rental. If you are at the dealership when conducting your transaction, then you can pick up your keys from the counter immediately following the completion of your rental.

How do I receive a refund for my MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM rentals?

Customers that complete their rental transactions through “MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM” technology can request a refund by contacting customer service at 1-877-GO-UHAUL, 7 days a week from 5:00 AM – 12:00 AM PT. *Please note that refunds cannot be requested within 30 minutes of completing a reservation online or via “MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM”. Customers will need to wait until the following business day to call customer service and request a refund.

Can I use my existing account information when renting a truck at a dealer that uses “MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM” technology?

Customers that have previously rented a truck from a location with U-Haul’s “MOBILE POINT OF SALE SYSTEM” technology can rent a truck using their account information by logging into your uhaul.com or uhaulpro.com profile while at the dealership. If you have not yet created an online profile, please do so prior to arriving at the location where you plan on completing your transaction. In addition, if there are issues with activating your account, please visit the Uhaul site’s rent-a-contact page to locate the U-Haul location nearest you where your transaction will be completed using the traditional method of completing paperwork and paying at the counter.

Everything about the Point of Sale (POS) System

What is a point of sale?

A point of sale (POS) computer system is a software application that a cashier uses to check out customers. During the checkout, data captured by a POS will be processed and used to complete transactions. However, this information is also saved for later use by the administrator(s). POS can happen in-person or online with automated (and sometimes manual) tasks.

What is the purpose of a point of sale?

POS terminals are used to display item prices and calculate item totals, taxes, discounts, tips, refunds, etc. It is often used in restaurants or other service-based establishments. However, it can be used for any business that uses inventory (such as retail stores).

Why use a point-of-sale system?

POS systems are used because there is an increase in productivity since it can reduce hardware costs, decrease the time spent on non-selling activities (such as price updates), and increase sales.

What are some common types of POS systems?

There are four general types of POS systems. Hardware POS, Client-Server (Bring Your Own Device/Desktop), Cloud-based, and Mobile POS.

Hardware-based systems are the most common for smaller businesses with less than 10 employees. They require point-of-sale hardware to operate (cash drawers, printers, monitors).

Client-server POS can be used by any sized company that has enough computers. The advantage of using this system over a hardware-based is that it can be used with any current model of desktop or laptop. This solution isn’t limited by the number of computers, rather it’s limited by the number of employees.

Cloud-based POS systems are online all of the time and use cloud storage for transaction processing. These are easy to use, efficient, and scalable.

Mobile POS is a cloud-based system that uses mobile devices as point of sales terminals. There is no need to purchase new hardware! A company can use any tablet or smartphone for the application’s software platform. The data will be sent to the server and processed just like traditional POS systems.

What role does a point of sale play in small businesses?

POS systems are used by retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. It is important for small businesses because it helps increase sales. The time spent updating prices or performing other operations can be reduced or eliminated if a POS is used. It also reduces human error (like forgetting to update prices). This increases profits.

What are some of the common components of a point of sale?

The main components of POS systems are; hardware, server, and software.

Hardware (and its related peripherals) is used to capture and process data during transactions. Some examples are cash drawers, scanners, printers, and touch screens. The server will house the central processing system that will handle all of the transactions. The software is for the employees to use and have access to.

What are some types of hardware used in a POS system?

Some common hardware components include cash registers, bar code scanners, printers, etc. Cash registers are an essential part because it keeps a record of all customers and sales. Bar code scanners are paired with the POS system to quickly acquire product information. Printers are used for both receipts or if a company requires an electronic copy of the inventory. Touch screens are becoming very popular for their ease of use and fewer physical buttons.

What is a POS example?

A POS example is a moving company like Uhaul. They use a POS system to handle transactions and manage customers. A point of sale example is the cashier who quickly scans products, inputs numbers/codes, prints receipts, etc. The information is sent to the computer for processing. The prices are updated according to the available equipment, discounts applied, etc.

How to set up your point of sale?

A point-of-sale system is used to increase productivity. It can help reduce time spent on non-selling activities (such as price updates), improve inventory management, and increase sales.

First, the company must choose the hardware it will use. There are several different types available. After having chosen them appropriately, connect them to the server through cables and turn them on. The next step is setting up the software. This can be done manually by having an employee log in to the system and input information, or automatically by connecting to a cloud platform online. Ideally, it would be best to use both methods as backups in case of errors or internet connection issues.

After installing the software portion, employees will need to be trained on how the POS system operates. Some systems are intuitive while others require more setup time. These can either be done in-house or at a training facility. This way employees know how their part of the business works and interacts with other parts (delivery, production, sales).

How to use your point of sale?

POS systems are equipped with software that makes running a business more efficient. Once the technology is configured, employees will need training on how to use it. Here are some tips for setting up and using your POS system:

1. Set SLA goals

Software companies often have Service Level Agreements to help their customers set measurable goals. For example, an SLA might be to process a specific number of transactions per minute.

2. Use Dashboards

Dashboards are the system’s homepage. They are usually customizable and should contain important information for supervisors or managers that need to monitor their operation at all times. Ideally, it should include reports on sales, customers, refunds, returns, and more.

3. Use the right tools

Depending on your business, it may be necessary to use certain software as part of a point-of-sale system. Your POS system should allow you to attach these programs for processing specific tasks within your company.

4. Set up alarms and alerts

Alarms and alerts give supervisors or managers information on the status of their business. If alarms are set up, managers can be notified when there is an issue that needs immediate attention.

5. Train employees

Employees should be trained on how to use their specific part of the POS system. This will help them work efficiently and decrease errors.

6. Offer customer support

Customer support should be offered to customers in need of help. The minimum customer service standard would be to offer contact numbers for certain departments, such as sales or billing.

7. Offer marketing promotions

POS marketing promotions are designed to increase consumer interest in your products or services. They can include loyalty programs, coupons, or discounts on specific products.

8. Keep your system updated

Hardware and software updates provide the most up-to-date features in a POS system. These can include new programs that add capabilities to the system, or simply resolve bugs within an existing program.

9. Backup your data

A point-of-sale backup allows you to recover information in case it is lost or damaged. This is a great resource when the system fails to process data correctly, or when employees accidentally delete information.

10. Use mobile POS

These are additional software programs designed for tablets and smartphones that allow employees in the field to enter transactions and update inventory levels in real-time.

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