Blackfang tribe (2024)

Blackfang tribe (1)Blackfang tribe
Blackfang tribe (2)
Main leaderBlackfang tribe (3)The Blackfang
Race(s)Blackfang tribe (4) Saberon
Theater of operationsSoutheastern Tanaan Jungle

“You be bringing friends wit ya, de Blackfang saberon are de most powerful tribe I ever seen.”

Z'tenga the Walker

The Blackfang tribe is a powerful saberon tribe found exclusively at Fang'rila in the southeastern reaches of Tanaan Jungle. The Blackfang saberon are known for their extremely sharp and durable claws.[1] The faction known as the Saberstalkers seek to hunt the tribe, and ask adventurers to collect the claws of the saberon.

The most experienced fighters of the tribe only come out when challenged,[2] and special totems are used in Blackfang fighting rituals to challenge champions.[3]


  • 1 Members
    • 1.1 Named
    • 1.2 Unnamed
  • 2 Speculation
  • 3 References



Blackfang tribe (5)Blackfang tribe (6)The BlackfangWarboss
Blackfang tribe (7)Blackfang tribe (8)RendarrWarshaman
Blackfang tribe (9)Blackfang tribe (10)Krell the SereneBlademaster
Blackfang tribe (11)Blackfang tribe (12)AkrriloShadowhunter
Blackfang tribe (13)Blackfang tribe (14)GloomtalonClawshaper
Blackfang tribe (15)Blackfang tribe (16)EyepiercerCrazed warmonger
Blackfang tribe (17)Blackfang tribe (18)SoulslicerCorrupted shaman



Blackfang tribe (29)

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Pallas may be a former member.


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Blackfang tribe (2024)
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