Blackfang Claw (2024)

Blackfang Claw (1)999

  • Blackfang Claw
  • Binds when picked up
  • "The Blackfang saberon are known for their extremely sharp and durable claws."

Blackfang Claws drop from most Blackfang saberon mobs in Fang'rila in Tanaan Jungle. They are used as currency for the Saberstalkers faction.

Blackfang Claw (2)[40 Daily]Tooth and Claw also rewards 100 Blackfang Claws.

Currency for[]

Blackfang Claw (3)[Minor Blackfang Challenge Totem]5NeutralChallenge totem
Blackfang Claw (4)[Major Blackfang Challenge Totem]10NeutralChallenge totem
Blackfang Claw (5)[Prime Blackfang Challenge Totem]25NeutralChallenge totem
Blackfang Claw (6)[Contract: Pallas]100HonoredFollower contract
Blackfang Claw (7)[Wild Goretusk]1,000HonoredMount
Blackfang Claw (8)[Savage Cub]1,500ReveredCompanion
Blackfang Claw (9)[Bristling Hellboar]5,000ExaltedMount

Patch changes[]

  • Blackfang Claw (10) Hotfix (2015-06-25): Blackfang Claw (11)[40 Daily]Tooth and Claw: The quest now awards 100 Blackfang Claws on competition (up from 25 Blackfang Claws).
  • Blackfang Claw (12) Patch 6.2.0 (2015-06-23): Added.

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Blackfang Claw (2024)


Where is the best place to farm Blackfang Claw? ›

Looted from Blackfang monsters in Fang'rila (south part in the middle of Tanaan Jungle).

What do I do with Blackfang Claw in WoW? ›

Blackfang Claws drop from most Blackfang saberon mobs in Fang'rila in Tanaan Jungle. They are used as currency for the Saberstalkers faction.

How to farm saberstalkers rep? ›

Gaining reputation with The Saberstalkers requires killing elite mobs in Fang'rila. While some can be soloed, they usually travel in groups so grinding out reputation with a party is most efficient. The following mobs award 25 reputation each: Blackfang Hunter.

What does Black Claw of Sethe do? ›

Carrying the Black Claw of Sethe reduces the speed of your mount-in-training by 25% and increases its damage taken by 25%, which will make defeating each target more challenging.

How much charisma for blackfang? ›

Blackfang Rapport

In regards to virtues, you must have 80 Wisdom, 110 Courage, 110 Charisma, and 100 Kindness. To achieve trusted stage with Blackfang, it takes a total of 78,100 rapport experience.

What do I do with Phantasma? ›

This is a currrency you gain by running torghast tower of the damned . This can be looted from enemies or from anima orbs . Then it can be used to buy anima powers from the shackled broker who sells limited anima powers .

What is sharp claw used for in wow? ›

Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion. Idles about. Plays rock, paper, scissors with other "hand" pets, and explodes when it loses or gives a thumbs up and sparkles when it wins.

Where is the druid of the claw? ›

The entirety of this quest happens in Teldrassil.

Where is blackfang? ›

The Blackfang <Warboss of the Blackfang>

This NPC can be found in Tanaan Jungle (2).

Where is the leaping veinseeker farm? ›

Reins of a Tamed Bloodfeaster teaches you how to ride the Leaping Veinseeker. Its drop location is simply listed as 'Nazmir'. I obtained this mount by farming the 'Loa-Gutter' blood trolls around the north and west sides of 'Torga's Rest'. I was farming for around 55 minutes before it dropped.

Where is the Blackfang Challenge Arena? ›

Fang'rila is the capital of the Blackfang tribe of saberon, located in southeastern Tanaan Jungle. The Blackfang Challenge Arena, where the greatest champions of the Blackfang saberon can be summoned, is found in the southern part of the village.

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