A STATE OF TRANCE 2024 | FAQ (2024)

Can I reach Ahoy by metro?

Ahoy is easily accessible by metro, making it the ideal way to get there. Plan your journey with the metro using the 9292 app. Unfortunately, there are no metro services during the night, as detailed in the additional information below.


To ensure that you can still easily reach Rotterdam Central Station, shuttle buses will be provided during the night between the festival grounds and Rotterdam Central. See below for more information.

Additionally, a special Hotel Shuttle Bus will be provided exclusively for ASOT hotel guests. This Hotel Shuttle Bus is included in Hotel packages, show your Hotel wristband while entering the bus and you’re good to go!

Can I reach Ahoy by train?

Rotterdam is easily accessible by train. You can easily get to Ahoy from Rotterdam Central Station by metro. On the way back, you can use our shuttle bus service to Rotterdam Central. During the night, additional and larger trains will run towards Den Haag HS, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda, and Eindhoven. Plan your journey in the NS app or NS Planner for the most up-to-date times.

Are there shuttle buses available?

Yes there are!

During the Friday show (Saturday morning)the metro will not run between 01:30 – 06:00 CET, and on Saturday (Sunday morning)the metro will not run between 01:30 – 07:15 CET. Meaning that it might be difficult to reach your hotel after you leave the event.This is why we arranged shuttle buses to get you back to Rotterdam Central Station.

Online shuttle bus prices:

Friday (one way to Rotterdam Central): €5,00
Saturday (one way to Rotterdam Central): €5,00

Weekend (one way to Rotterdam Central, redeemable on both days): €9,00

On-the-day prices (Availability cannot be guaranteed):

Friday (one way to Rotterdam Central: €6,50
Saturday (one way to Rotterdam Central): 6,50Weekend (one way to Rotterdam Central, redeemable on both days): €12,00

*The shuttle buses will depart fromZuidplein bus station, conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from Ahoy.

Buy your shuttle bus tickets here!

Booked an hotel package?

We’ve arranged a dedicated hotel shuttle bus exclusively for you. The shuttle runs to key city locations, with a maximum 15 minute walk to your hotel from these stops. This service is complimentary with your hotel wristband, provided upon check-in. Tickets are not sold for this shuttle, so there is no need for you to buy a shuttle bus ticket if you have a hotel wristband!

Can I reach Ahoy by bike and scooter?

Rotterdam Ahoy is also easily accessible by scooter or bicycle. Additionally, you can continue your journey from various train and metro stations using shared transportation options, like Check, Go Sharing, Felyx, and Donkey Republic. At Rotterdam Ahoy, you can use the bicycle and scooter parking facilities free of charge in

What do I need to do if I travel by touring car?

If you are arriving by tour bus, please purchase a bus ticket in advance via the Rotterdam Ahoy website. A bus ticket costs €49, and with this ticket, you can park the tour bus in a parking space designated by the traffic controllers. Without a bus ticket, we cannot guarantee you a parking space. This bus ticket also applies to parking for all vehicles larger than one parking space.

Can I reach Ahoy by taxi/Uber?

Taxis can be found here, in front of Ahoy. There’s no need to call a taxi. Just queue up, and you’ll be assisted as soon as possible.The Uber/Bolt pick-up point can be found at the Twentestraat.

How can I reach Ahoy by car

Ahoy is easily accessible by car, via Ring Rotterdam Zuid (A15). Plan your trip via www.vananaarbeter.nl.

Please note, due to construction work, the Heinenoordtunnel will be (partly) closed during ASOT. Click here for more information.

Where can I park my car?

Rotterdam Ahoy has plenty of parking spaces, but we expect them to sell out. To ensure a parking space on event days, you can buy a parking ticket with a guarantee (until 2 hours before the event) for €19. If the parking lot is full but you have a pre-purchased parking ticket with a guarantee, show it to the traffic controller for access. A parking ticket is valid from 20:00 to 08:00. Note that if your car remains parked after 08:00, an extra day of parking will be charged. There are no facilities for charging electric vehicles at Ahoy.

Buy your parking ticket here!

It is also possible to park at Q-Park Zuidplein 1. Ensure your parking spot here: https://www.q-park.nl/nl-nl/events/diverse-locaties/A-State-of-Trance-2024/.

When all the parking spaces are full in the area, it is also possible to park your car at P+R Slinge. From P+R Slinge, you can take the metro to Ahoy. Please note that during night hours, no metro will be running. It’s a 20-minute walk from Ahoy to P+R Slinge.

Are there parking spots for disabled people?

Upon presentation of your disabled card (blauwe mindervalidenkaart), you can park at the designated disabled parking spots. If you do not have a disabled card (blauwe mindervalidenkaart), you can indicate this to the traffic controllers, who will do their best to arrange a spot as close as possible. No guarantee can be given in this regard.

Is there a kiss and ride section?

Here you can find the Kiss & Ride. A maximum stopping time of 15 minutes applies for pick-ups.

Navigation address: Jacob Kleiboerweg 80, 3084 BA Rotterdam.

A STATE OF TRANCE 2024 | FAQ (2024)
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